Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

With one single investment in capturing your physical assets as 3D environments you have a very powerful asset management model – which has multiple uses for various user groups.

  • ‘On your desk’ access to a detailed, accurate 3D virtual environment of all your building, surrounding location and other physical assets
  • Take accurate measurements from your desk of any part of your assets
  • Integrate with BIM programmes
  • Conduct 3D asset condition surveys – tunnels, bridges
  • Conduct 3D asset de-commissioning surveys – tankers, rigs, mines
  • Use for Health and Safety assessments and training exercises

Managing Development

Using advanced laser scanning techniques to create a 3D virtual environment of your existing building, that can be manipulated and viewed from your desk at any time, can change your approach to development planning and implementation

  • Use instead of expensive CAD generated models for your existing buildings
  • Overlay new CAD design elements produced using CAD into your virtual 3D environment
  • Lower cost and faster production of planning submission documents
  • Powerful & effective bid presentation tool

Benefit from our unique and unparalleled experience

We are world leaders in the development and use of Laser Imaging technology for multiple applications.

We have 8 years experience as part of the Metropolitan Police Service, where we worked on some of the highest profile policing and security cases and incidents in the UK and abroad.

We also have extensive experience of developing and applying laser-scanning techniques for use in the physical asset management of the MPS estate.

You can benefit from that experience too. Contact us at


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Town Centre
Station - single scan
Manor House - CCTV Planning
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Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies
Asset Management