The newest solution developed by Advanced Laser Imaging is CCTVerify. A unique capability that captures a location in 3D and uses images from the CCTV cameras to accurately reconstruct the precise Field of View for each camera.

This information can be used by security professionals to conduct a Security Audit of a site and establish precisely where there are vulnerabilities with the current Physical Security.
Other sensor and physical barrier information can also be incorporated into the immersive 3D scene to give all stakeholders a detailed and accurate understanding of their site.

Most importantly, the virtual environment can then be used to design, plan and test new security implementations prior to costly installations and ensure that any security measures are fully optimised.

Furthermore, the same recorded 3D environment can be utilised for:

  • Site Familiarisation
  • Development Planning
  • Health & Safety
  • Evacuation Planning & Training
  • Other applications requiring accurate 3D information

It is a powerful solution that gives clients valuable information to reduce costs without compromising their security.—

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CCTVerify Demonstration