We are pleased to present our solution partners on this page. We remain independent of any software or hardware manufacturers and do not have any exclusive agreements with our partners. We believe in providing our clients with solutions that are suited to their specific requirements and this may, or may not, include the products listed here.

If you are interested in becoming one of our solution partners please get in touch, and we will be pleased to evaluate your products.


Euclidean are the creators of Geoverse, a cutting edge and incredibly powerful Point Cloud rendering solution. We currently resell their GEOVERSE CONVERT and MDM (Massive Data Manager) products to enable customers to make effective use of all their data.


Veesus produce a suite of products to easily exploit advanced datasets including GIS, Point Cloud, Imagery, Panoramic Imagery and other assets. Arena4D Data Studio provides project creation and visualisation, as well as time activated behaviour. Point Cloud data can be imported and converted for effective use in their Rhino Plugin that allows you to model from the data within a comfortable CAD environment. We resell all of their product suite.


NCTech are the developers of the iStar 360 Camera that is now in its second generation and rapidly optimising the creation and use of high resolution HDR 360 imagery and video. We resell their cameras and accessories.


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Euclideon Unlimited
Euclideon Unlimited
Veesus Ltd
Veesus Ltd - Arena4D
NCTech Ltd