Revolutionising Criminal Investigation and Prosecution

Imagine a full crime scene, however large and complex, as a highly accurate 3D virtual environment, for immediate and ongoing use by the whole investigation team. A true scale Crime Scene Reconstruction that can be scrutinised and analysed as required.

We can:

  • ‘Capture’ the crime scene very rapidly and efficiently
  • Take accurate measurements and get views from any perspective
  • Analyse CCTV fields of view
  • Reconstruct crime scenes even after evidence has been removed using images and other evidence
  • Reconstruct a sequence of events overlaying other datasets e.g video
  • Examine the scene from witness perspectives to test veracity of witness statements, even ‘live’ within the courtroom

We use proven techniques and processes accepted by UK Courts and Inquests which provide greater clarity on critical evidence and save time and money


  • Powerful and verifiable 3D images, videos and plans for court use
  • Coherent presentation of evidence
  • Reduced need for scene of crime visits
  • Live analysis available to test evidence produced in court

Products include:

  • Jury Brochures
  • 2D Plan / Elevation / Section Drawings
  • 3D Images
  • 3D Models (Surface & Point Cloud)
  • Animations (DVD / Bluray / File)
  • 360 Degree Animations (Desktop or tablet)
  • Forensic Geomatic Analysis
  • Dynamic Interactive Presentations
  • Reports
  • Witness Statements

Innovation in Emergency Response Support and Security Planning

We are proud to have developed and deployed innovative laser scanning techniques and systems to support specialist police divisions in Emergency Response situations and in planning security for VIP visits and large events.

8 years of unique and unparalleled experience

We are world leaders in the development and use of Laser Imaging technology in policing and the criminal justice system.

In 8 years working within the Metropolitan Police Service, we have applied our skills to some of the highest profile criminal cases in the UK and abroad and we have also pioneered the highly successful use of the technology in court.

We work with police forces in different ways to unlock the power of Laser Imaging technology to make them more efficient and effective.

So whether you have used laser scanning before and are looking to optimise it’s use, or would like to take the first steps in understanding it’s power then contact us at: policing@advancedlaserimaging.com


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