The new gold standard approach to security planning and management

Imagine having your critical physical assets, however large and complex, available as highly accurate 3D virtual environments, for immediate and ongoing use in security planning and management.

  • Virtually walk through, and analyse your site, building, plane, boat or train from any perspective.
  • Look outwards from any point to identify any dead ground or potential threat locations
  • Plan and analyse accurately perimeter security measures such as watch points, ballistic barriers and hoardings
  • Analyse, review and plan CCTV coverage fields
  • Use for virtual incident scenario training and emergency route planning
  • Use for operational security incident response
  • Use for post incident analysis

Benefit from our unique and unparalleled experience

We are world leaders in the development and use of Laser Imaging technology in security planning and management.

During 8 years as part of the Metropolitan Police Service, we introduced new applications for laser scanning that helped provide more accurate and more effective security planning and support for some of the highest profile events and incidents in the UK and abroad.

Whatever your security planning requirements we can now bring our unparalleled experience and knowledge to help you build a better solution. Contact us at


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Perimeter Security CCTV Planning
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